Live and history wind data for kitesurf spots

our data is 100% accurate provided by professional weather stations


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Do not hesitate to contact us and request your weather station for your favorite kitesurf spot. Yes we will do it. We are trying to expand our locations as much as possible starting with the most wanted locations.

Professional weather stations are placed right on the kitesurf spots and they are streaming live data to our website. Our history reports are based on this data so you can go back in time and analyze it if you wish.

All stations are located in places where they can measure accurately the wind and provide reliable data for kitesurfing (no wind shadows etc.) Also all stations are calibrated and tested manually with wind meters for 100% accurate results.

NOTE: Wind speed is not the holy grail of kitesurf conditions. The wind quality is different in different places. Our experience shows that on some spots 13 knots are enough to ride like crazy with 12m kite, while 11 knots are barely rideable on other spots with any kite size. Wind speed is the basic metric for kitesurfing conditions but not the only one

We want to boost our kitesurf community by providing a really great service. Every feedback will be very appreciated and it will be taken seriously. Do not hesitate to contact us and leave feedback